Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Apologetic ramblings

Well guys, I am truly sorry for the downtime. What can I say, it's christmas! also fuck you.

Obviously we should have had the second podcast out about 5 to 6 years ago, however I suck and left it on my hard drive in Dundee, and it's tricky to upload something 560 miles away. This podcast does appear to have been doomed from the start, as the first recording of it is broken and lost in the mists of time due to my terrible internet and Beth, our new possible co-host, being drunk. However, have no fear, the podcast should rear its ugly tumescent head again shortly, but no sooner than the 8th of January.

Happy new year all of you, and have fun.

Friday, 10 December 2010

Speaking of albums: Tron Legacy Score.

So I had a day off work this past Friday and I thought, wouldn't it be nice to watch a film with my father. So a film I watched.  Oh how I watched, seriously, I watched the fuck out of Monsters and I will give a full run down of it in the podcast, but that isn't why I'm making this post. Oh no.  There's a different, more Tron related story to tell.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

10 albums you can't just listen to one song of, you have to go through it all PART ONE

In lieu of the new podcast arriving (due to my laziness) the easing it in team came up with this:

10 albums you can't just listen to one track of, you have to go through it all(this title via avid supporter and fan, paddytehpyro)
In no particular order,
1. The Decemberists - The Hazards Of Love
2. Mastadon - Crack The Skye
3. Neutral Milk Hotel - In The Aeroplane Over The Sea
4. Enter Shikari - Take To The Skies
5. Ghosts and Vodka - Addicts And Drunks
6. Baroness - The Blue Record
7. Congratulations On Your Decision To Become A Pilot - Congratulations On Your Decision To Become A Pilot
8. The Dub Pistols - Rum And Coke
9. Rocky Votolato - Suicide Medicine
10. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Blitz

These albums have been described as "phat", "sick beats", "laying down the bar for all those that come after it" and "truly the greatest musical escapades ever created" by esteemed actor Nicholas Cage.

Podcast will be up soon!